Chronicles of Sadie

About the Chronicles

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Welcome to the greatest adventure of my life: fatherhood! 

During our college years, Laura and I were engaged when she nearly died from a brain aneurysm resulting from a birth defect in her brain known as an AVM. After several brain surgeries, radiation, and the miraculous grace of God’s healing, we were married and began our amazing journey together.

Partly due to Laura’s past health issues, we waited eight years to attempt to have children. But things changed drastically in 2008 with the arrival of Sadie Jane Driver into our little home. Overjoyed by the overwhelming blessing of a healthy and beautiful baby girl, I set out to chronicle as much of Sadie’s first year as possible. The ups and downs. The funny moments. The tearful reflections. The absolute cluelessness.

Now some five years later as Sadie has just crossed another milestone birthday, I am celebrating that maiden voyage into parenting again by re-releasing those first year reflections, freshly edited and newly donned with pictures from the events in question. You can read them in no particular order because that is exactly what parenthood feels like: no particular order. There are 52 of them… one in honor of each week of her first year.

I sincerely hope you both laugh and listen closely for gentle whispers in your own heart as you spelunk into the messy, funny, and sometimes overwhelming cavern we were so graciously granted the honor of exploring: new parenthood. Whether you are a new parent, a prospective parent, or simply just someone who loves children, these reflections are my way of sharing the confusion, the mistakes, and the unbridled joy of parenting that could only emerge from the creative and mysterious recesses of a divinely affectionate and unique Father.